Funky Faces

Code of Conduct

We only use professional water based face paints (Snazaroo and Grimas), which are hypoallergenic and contain agents acting against yeast, mould and bacteria (list of ingredients available on request). Glitter is cosmetic grade and we use natural henna which is safe. We will not paint or glitter tattoo or henna an individual with a known allergy, sensitive skin or any apparent skin disease, e.g. cold sores, conjunctivitis. Any dirt or food should be wiped from face prior to painting.

If the individual has never had their face painted, a glitter tattoo or a henna before, we recommend a skin patch test 30 minutes prior to painting. We are extra careful when painting near the eyes, especially on young children and those who are unable to keep still. We do not face paint, glitter tattoo or henna children under 2 years old.

We take hygiene very seriously; all utensils, containers, brushes and sponges are thoroughly cleaned during and after each event.

Face paints are easily removed using soapy water or a baby wipe. Glitter tattoos are easily removed with baby oil. We recommend using moisturiser after.

We hold £5 million Public Liability Insurance and we are CRB checked.